Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Today was Chase's post-up checkup. I am pleased to say that even though he lost the button, the fact that the stitch stayed in means it did its job. The doctor says everything looks perfect, and he wants to see him again in 6 weeks. I am definitely happy to be just about done with it. I am extremely glad we had such great experiences with the surgeon, hospital, and nurses. For the most part everything was great.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Kids and surgery (Warning)

Yesterday (Wednesday) was a little long, what with surgery, and the general nastiness that followed. I ended up calling and talking to the on call Urologist last night. Not even 12 hours after surgery and his button came off. During the Orchiopexy a button is attached to the testicle to keep it weighed down until it heals.

After the surgery in January his button stayed on for a week, like it was supposed to. I knew the button was supposed to stay on, so when it came off I called. I found out that while it should stay longer then less than a day, 1 in 4 lose theirs before they should. Luckily the thread from the stitch is still there, so the outcome should be the same.

Today if a person did not know he had surgery they would never believe it. He has been his normal rambunctious self. I wish I would recover that fast from surgery. I love how kids can go through something like that and it never slow them down.