Friday, August 24, 2012

USADA to strip Lance Armstrong of 7 Tour titles

Check out this link.
I am beyond disgusted with this decision from the USADA. Lance Armstrong is a hero for so many. His fans, cancer survivors, people who are currently fighting that dreaded disease, and countless others. He has passed EVERY drug test he has been made to take. Not only during his 7 Tour wins, but during countless other races, and events. These people have lost their minds. This man, this athlete, this cancer survivor, will ALWAYS be the best cyclist the world has ever seen. He managed to do something that HAS NEVER been done before. Winning the Tour de France 7 times, IN A ROW! That's amazing.
I honestly don't blame him for saying enough is enough. He has fought these charges for years. He has beaten these charges time and time again. The proof is in the drug tests he has passed. Just because the morons at the USADA refuse to see it doesn't make it any less true.
I hope with everything inside me that the USADA is blocked in their attempt to strip his Tour titles. However, even if they are successful his true fans will ALWAYS know what he accomplished!!! I know I will, and I promise to share that knowledge with my children, and God permitting with my grandchildren.
This man has done so much to help so many. He doesn't deserve to be treated like this.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Quick Update

Wanted to take time to update my loyal followers (all 11 of you LOL) about the happenings around here. We have moved to Salt Lake City, Utah. Jerry was offered a job that we just couldn't pass up. I can honestly admit that moving across country is both exciting and overwhelming. We are 1850 miles away from the families. Which is a downer. However, we are out here with some really great friends.
Chase is adapting well, as usual. I'm really glad that he takes things in stride as well as he does. He is honestly the most easy going kid I have ever met. He was great on the drive, he never complained once. He rode with me for a lot of the drive, but he rode with Jerry some as well.
I am happy to report that I made it all the way to Wal-Mart and back by myself today. Without getting lost. Those who know me, know I hate driving in big cities. I don't do it if I can get out of it.

Monday, August 6, 2012

My poor blog

My poor, long-suffering blog. Unfortunately my blog takes a backseat to.........well everything. I find myself sitting down to write, and then I get distracted. It doesn't take a lot to distract me the hubby, the kiddo, something shiny.....Or I end up with a case of blogger's cramp. I have 90 million different things I want to blog about, and I sit down at my keyboard. Suddenly my mind is a blank page. I have no idea where all of the ideas have gone, except of course they are not magically entered into my blog. They are just gone. Until I get started on something else I need to do, then all of a sudden the blog ideas are all back, right where they were supposed to be. Still not on my blog, but luckily back where I can think about them. Until I sit back down at my keyboard again, then the nasty cycle starts over.

My blog today is dedicated to potty training...As moms/dads we've all been there. The kiddo is just about 100% day time potty trained. I say almost because he is his mother's child, and sometimes he gets distracted.  Ah well accidents happen. Luckily for me they are few and far between. Once we have this down I'll worry about nighttime. He sleeps so heavy that he doesn't wake up to go, and when he gets woke up he's ready to be up for the duration. Unfortunately that doesn't work for me. I need sleep, or I'm known to get slightly (don't giggle that's not nice) grumpy. At least we're making progress in the right direction.

Other happenings include the fact that most nights the kiddo sleeps in his own bed. Definitely a win for the grown ups. Now when he does try and get in bed with us, we can send him back to his own room. Not only does he go back to his room, he actually gets in his bed, and goes back to sleep. WINNING!! There is nothing like trying to share a bed with a 4 1/2 year old bed hog. I'm glad he's finally grown out of the need to sleep with us every night.