Friday, October 1, 2010

Kids and surgery (Warning)

Yesterday (Wednesday) was a little long, what with surgery, and the general nastiness that followed. I ended up calling and talking to the on call Urologist last night. Not even 12 hours after surgery and his button came off. During the Orchiopexy a button is attached to the testicle to keep it weighed down until it heals.

After the surgery in January his button stayed on for a week, like it was supposed to. I knew the button was supposed to stay on, so when it came off I called. I found out that while it should stay longer then less than a day, 1 in 4 lose theirs before they should. Luckily the thread from the stitch is still there, so the outcome should be the same.

Today if a person did not know he had surgery they would never believe it. He has been his normal rambunctious self. I wish I would recover that fast from surgery. I love how kids can go through something like that and it never slow them down.

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