Thursday, April 11, 2013

Blog block

Why is it I have really great ideas for my blog, until I actually sit down to blog? Several times a day I think about something, and then immediately it is followed by "I should blog about that." Then I sit down to do that very thing, and can't think of a single thing to say on the blog. It never fails. I do have a couple of ideas for posts. However, they have to wait until I feel like finding everything I need to go with them.

Life here is great. I think if he's off this weekend we're going to take Munchkin to play at the beach. There is no sense in being less than 10 miles from the water if you're not going to take advantage. Chase is definitely my kid. He loves to look at the waves.

I am enjoying being on the Gulf Coast in Texas. We are only an hour from Houston, and less than that from Galveston. On our trip down here from Louisiana my awesome husband took me on my very first ferry ride. Chase and I both thought that was amazing. Especially since we got to see dolphins in the process.

Since it looks like we might be here for a bit we are thinking of taking Chase to a Houston Astros game one of these days. I think that would be awesome. If I have ever been to a major league baseball game before I don't remember it. I know it would have been the Pittsburgh Pirates though (thanks Daddy)!

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