Friday, September 28, 2012

Finally Feeling at Home

Well this past Saturday we technically said good-bye to hotel living. I say technically because even though we are now in a 2 bedroom apartment, the building we are living in is named The Kirk Hotel. They do offer nightly rates, however, they are looking for more long term guests.
We love this place. The staff is all super friendly. They serve a hot breakfast 5 days a week, getting ready to try Saturdays as well. This is the most pet and kid friendly place I think we have ever been. Chase loves being able to spend time with all of the dogs. He also loves getting to watch cartoons on the big screen TV downstairs.
The downside?? It's a walk up. No elevator. Why do I say this is a downside, because it has shown me just how out of shape I really am. Going up and down the stairs several times a day has a way of pointing that out. So now I'm working on losing a few pounds and getting into better shape.

I am so glad we decided to do this. I have always loved this building, and now I am in my favorite apartment in the building. I can't wait for the first good snowfall so I can just sit in the living room and watch it come down. Plus we have one hell of a view of the mountains.

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