Wednesday, September 12, 2012


As all of my 12 (YAY! Hi new follower) readers know, I am a BzzAgent, what this means is I occasionally get picked to receive samples, coupons, etc to try out, and then give my opinion on (And we all know I have an opinion about everything. LOL).
This BzzCampaign is one of the best I have laid eyes on lately. They are giving me a Glade Fragrance Mist, AND, not or AND an oil diffuser. They also gave me a ton of big money saving coupons, the products are for me, however, the remaining coupons are up for grabs. I have several of each item left, Just drop me a line. Right now these products are available in 4 difference fragrance combinations. My choice in scents was Cotton and Italian Mandarin. I guess next trip to the store I'll have to buy a different one, not because I don't
like this one. But because I can't wait to smell the others in action.

Disclaimer: I am a BzzAgent, I was given these coupons as a Thank You for trying out the product.

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