Monday, October 21, 2013

Life Rolling along,

   It's funny how life manages to keep rolling along. So much has changed for us since I posted the last time.

   Jerry and I are both working at a job we love. The best part is we're working together ( No more long hours of him at the carlot and me really not doing much other than house work and spend time with Chase.

   Chase is in Kindergerten and Loves it. He went on a field trip last Friday to CornDodgers Farm (
He spent all Friday afternoon telling me about everything he did. Kind of makes me sad that I wasn't able to go on his first field trip with him. However, I know there will be plenty more that I will be able to go along.

   Jerry and I have both become more active at our church, it is such a joy to be there ( Becoming involved with the Children's Ministry is probably one of the smartest things I have ever done. I have made a lot of great friends going to that church. I wouldn't change it for the world.

   I love knowing that my son is being raised in the church. That is something that means a great deal to both Jerry and I. It also doesn't hurt that Chase adores going to church. That is one of the main things he asks about everyday. "Is today a church day?"

   This past Friday night he got mad at me because he found out I was going to church without him. I went and spend a few hours with some of the ladies from the church. We had a night of "Fire and Worship". Bon Fire, Chili, S'mores, Brownies, Music, God, Jesus, and because we're in South Alabama boiled peanuts. Seems like you can't do anything around here without peanuts involved somehow.

   I also did something I never thought I would be able to say I did. I joined the Choir. Jerry and I both did. We're getting ready to sing next Sunday for the congregation during both services. I'm nervous, but I'm excited. We did sound check last night and one of my friends who heard said we sounded "Awesome". It's definitely nice to hear. We've put sometime into getting it ready.

   I know we are blessed, and I know we will continue to be blessed. Giving our troubles to God has helped more than I would have ever believed. It's nice to not have to worry because I know God will provide. That is an amazing feeling.

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