Friday, November 12, 2010

Time flies.............

Seems like it has been forever since I have taken the time to blog. Monday I start class again. I have definitely enjoyed the break. I know I needed it. Friday (November 19, 2010) we're going to the movie. The new Harry Potter movie opens on the 19th, and since we have been together we have seen them all opening night. This also works as an early anniversary present, since our anniversary happens to be the 23rd. Hard to believe my wonderful husband and I are celebrating 6 years happily married. Together 7, married 6.
December brings it's own list of fun things to do. Dewayne turns 15 on the 1st. Chase turns 3 on the 11th. Megan turns 18 on Christmas Day. Also, we are planning on making one of our famous road-trips. This insures we get to see everyone for Christmas.
As plans stand at the moment we will be leaving here on December 19, and will be home LATE the 25th. My wonderful husband is due back at work on the 27th.

Recommended reading for this post is: Patricia Cornwell. All of the books in her "Scarpetta" series are page turners. I am currently re-reading the series again. My husband is reading the latest book in the series.

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