Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Next time the dog seems to be barking at nothing I will look just a touch harder

Abbey (who has been known to bark at her own shadow) starting barking like mad a few minutes ago. I go look to see what is bothering her and there is nothing (so I think) there. I tell her to hush, and come back inside. Again she goes to barking like a crazy dog, so I go to investigate a bit more. As I step out the door, I look and ask myself, "Why is my dog barking at a rock?". I go look and my puppy has captured a turtle. I am just glad the turtle was in a decent mood, cause with the size of it's nails it could have done some serious damage. I picked it up, brought it inside, and showed Chase. Now the turtle is doing his own thing in the field behind the house.

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