Sunday, September 26, 2010

Rain! Again

Wow. We got rain two days in a row. I am so not used to that happening anymore. We all slept late this morning, then after a late breakfast we took the munchkin to the playground. As we were getting out of the car it started to kind of sprinkle. We let him play for almost an hour. By the time we left it was coming down pretty well. We got home, and he played outside for a bit longer, again in the rain. I love rain showers like that, there is nothing like playing in the rain. We finally came inside, and of course the silly rain quit. However, it still looked kind of nasty out.
Well it's now 11:15 p.m. and it's raining again. Has been for the last little while. I know we needed it, I'm just afraid it will cause flooding in places. It has been so dry here.
I have to call Tuesday to find out what time we have to be at the hospital Wednesday. If it goes like the last one did we will be home by lunchtime, and Chase will be ready to get up and play sometime that afternoon. After the last one the doctor told me "Make him rest this afternoon, don't let him do anything." Apparently that doctor has never had a 2 year old. We couldn't make him be still for anything. Even with the painkillers. I mistakenly assumed that narcotics would make a toddler sleepy, I WAS WRONG!!!!!!!!!!

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